“San Agustín can be reached in different ways, which are mainly:

From Bogotá, through Neiva, the trip takes about 12 hours from Bogotá and the price is usually around 50.000 or 60.000 Cop or about 4 hours from Neiva for 25.000 or 30.000Cop there are several companies that offer direct transportation to San Agustín, the most important ones among them are Green Lines, Coomotor or Cootranshuila.

From Pasto, or Cali passing through Popayan. For those who come from Pasto or Cali should go first to Popayan, there are many buses that go to San Agustin, the journey time is around 5 hours and the price is approximately 30.000 Cop from Popayan.

Advice, this trip is best done in the morning or at the latest at 2 noon. The road is not dangerous but it has many bumps.

From Mocoa you have to take any bus to Pitalito, which has a frequency of every hour, and once there, take any Van to San Agustín with a frequency of every 10 minutes and a price of 5.000 Cop. “

“And once in San Agustin, where am I going?Once you arrive in San Agustín how to reach us? it will depend if you have come by public transport or private transportation.Public transportation:Once you arrive at San Agustín in the bus or in the van, they will leave you in the area of ​​the map marked with a red dot, called four winds, once there, it is very easy to get to our hostel, you just have to walk straight in the same direction where the bus or truck arrived until you reach the church square, once there turn right up to Carrera 13, and you will find us at the end of the street. From the red dot to the hostel it is about 5 minutes walking. ”

“Private transportation:

If you come with your own vehicle, enter San Agustín by the main road which is Calle 3, you must go straight until you find the main church of San Agustín, once there you must turn right, and go up all Right, then you must turn right again on Calle 5 or 6 indifferently, and then one block turns left and continues straight until you find us. On the map we show you the example. Once in the hostel you can leave the car parked on the shoulder, the area is very safe and we have security cameras on the outside, but if you prefer parking once here we explain where you are.